Worship Team

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Our service begins with a time of worship where the congregation joins the worship team in expressing adoration to God through song.  We strive for musical excellence but we don’t want this to be merely a performance.  Our desire is that we minister by engaging the church to encounter God in an authentic way during our time together.  Though we strive to have the music be relevant to the congregation, our focus is to worship God the way He wants to be worshiped not the way people may want to worship Him.  Our music is a way to praise and worship a God worthy of ALL praise, not a way to market our church to people we wish to attract.

The Worship Team is comprised of believers who are gifted both as instrumentalists and vocalists.  They are faithful servants who are committed to weekly rehearsals mid-week with warm-up rehearsals on Sunday mornings.  To serve on the Worship Team, you must have the ability to cooperate with others for the greatest good of our church and you must be sensitive to the will of God.  This means demonstrating a willingness to hold this ministry with an "open hand", leaving up to the Lord and leadership the scope of your involvement.  You must have a heart of worship and not a desire for others to hear your talent.


Are you interested in serving on the worship team?

We are always excited to add new musicians to our team. As in any area in which we use our God-given gifts and abilities, there are certain characteristics that help us excel under that particular role in the Body of Christ. The following characteristics could be considered qualifications that we look for in Worship Team members. You may possess these qualifications in varying degrees, but we ask you to closely examine yourself to see if the Worship Team Ministry is the area best suited to your gifts.

Consider these basic abilities needed for Worship Team participation:

  • Be able to perform in front of others comfortably, perform well with others, follow directions and learn new material quickly.
  • Instrumentalists need to be able to: demonstrate suitable ability on an instrument, play from chord sheets, by ear or occasionally from sheet music
  • Vocalists need to be able to: demonstrate suitable range, blendability, accurate pitch, and ability sing harmonies by ear, sing from chord sheets or by ear

As a Worship Team instrumentalist or vocalist, you need to be skilled enough to follow a service and bring something that adds to the overall quality. We don’t want to limit what God will do so we will prayerfully consider each applicant. Please take no offense if this simply isn't the best time or place for your talents to be utilized; we appreciate all of the gifts in the body and seek to incorporate those best suited to the Worship Team.

If you would like to be part of the MVBC Worship Team as a musician or vocalist, please email us: