Jesus Prayed

Sermon Summary

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September 8, 2019

Jesus Prayed


John 17:9-13… (read)

            Drew continued his study of John 17, Jesus’ prayer on the night of His betrayal. This section of the prayer emphasizes that we are ‘kept in His name’.

“All yours is mine and all mine is yours.” “All” implies unity. We are in this together. Christianity cannot be lived alone. God even describes himself as triune… Each person of the trinity loves and values the others. We are created in His image.  We are created to live in harmony with others.  That is part of what it means to live in His name.

            We need each other. 

Also,  We need protection.

            There is some protection in community. In the community of God, he is our Father, and we enjoy his protection.

            In this prayer Jesus called Him Holy Father. The Bible only records Him saying that here. It is critical to the thought being communicated. God’s holiness is our protection. And as He is holy, so also, he tells us to be holy. There is protection in holiness. Drew explained this section more fully. I recommend listening to the sermon on line.  Another thing that came from this section is:

            We need His joy.  I couldn’t help but notice how all 3 of these needs worked together. “The joy of the lord is my strength.” God’s joy factors in as part of my protection. And joy shared is the most complete. All are in His name.

            Joy is more than happiness. Happiness is most often activity based. Joy is eternal and internal.  Joy exists in spite of circumstances… not because of them.

Joy is from God and comes to us in bad times as well as good. We experience joy because we know God. If you are in a hard time, let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Ask for it. And when you pray, consider the emotion and love of this prayer. God loves you.  

Filled with hope and joy,

Jim Eschenbacher