Some Distinctives of Disciple Making


by: John Cosby, Elder

June 30, 2019

Believers in Christ often gather together for events or fellowship. What are some of those elements that are essential, and that determine whether discipleship is happening or not?

This question was posed to a dozen or so folks from MVBC last week. The interactive discussion that followed was dynamic and revealing. Here are some of those essential elements that make up disciple making.

· “It happens” – as two people or a small group interact, there is shared evidence that it is God who is orchestrating the conversation for His purposes in each of the lives involved, not the structure nor professional performance of the participants.

· It is “intentional” – there is a definite framework, purpose, and goal that leads toward a growing relationship with the Lord.

· It is life based – disciple making is about a person’s life being “rubbed off” onto another. There is a genuine, transparent relevancy that displays the dignity, holiness, and glory of Christ in the midst of human messiness.

· It is Bible based – disciple making is not just a couple of people talking about life. It is seeing the relevant connection between life and the truths of God’s Word. His Word is the keel and rudder that steers the direction and nature of this type of interaction.

· It is relational – disciple making cannot happen without a growing personal knowledge between the person being discipled and the person who is discipling. Know the person; authentically share yourself, building a high level of trust.

· It is a process with a long-term commitment to the process – roles, goals, and frequency of meeting together may vary throughout the process, but a disciple making relationship requires a commitment to another person for a long period of time.