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Sermon Summary

June 2, 2019

By: Jim Eschenbacher

This was the third sermon in a series entitled… “Entrusted.”

God entrusted certain men and women with the task of propagating the gospel.

Drew is studying some of those characters and is giving us important details about them, so we might create our own picture of how an entrusted one looks now. His first sermon was about Barnabas, his second was about Paul. This past Sunday he spoke about Timothy. This series is about making disciples. Jesus said, “Go, and make disciples.”

As we study these individuals, we look through the filter of discipleship. Timothy is a fairly easy study… or at least it would appear so; Paul dicipled him. In several places, he said that Timothy was like a son to him. But, one of the criteria of discipleship is that it is ongoing. In the body of Christ, we are to be dicipled and we are to disciple others. For Timothy to be a good disciple, he must disciple others. Drew brought out several points about Timothy…

*Discipleship sharpens character.

* Discipleship sharpens faith.

Character is tested when the going gets tough. A true disciple follows in bad times as well as good. As a disciple, we cannot choose only the happy times to expose people to. People need to see how we act in tough times. (2 Timothy 3:10) How do you respond when someone cuts you off on the freeway?

As I listened to this sermon, I was challenged. I have studied Paul a great deal and have found that he holds the Word of God in highest honor. It is my humble opinion that we ought always to disciple people to the Word. With that I take nothing away from relationship; it’s just that I have found people fail us. The word of God never fails. Support every action and word with the Bible. Let God guide you.

Proverbs 16:9… The heart of man plans his way, but God establishes his steps.

In the course of this sermon, Drew talked about his own experiences. He told one story that emphasized the importance of maintaining good character.

I would suggest that you go online and listen to the sermon. Powerful…