Becoming a Consistent Christian

This blog was written our Elder, John Cosby and it reflects upon his path. Those who know John will appreciate his wisdom, faithfulness and the journey he has taken to becoming a consistent Christian.

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by: John Cosby, Elder

I was 17 years old when I understood the gospel and placed my faith in Christ. That moment wasn’t based on emotion or a response to someone else’s manipulation. It was based on several months of listening and questioning the gospel message and seeing the truth it embodied. Shortly after trusting in what Christ did for me to gain eternal life, I was baptized and began attending church. I sang in the choir and attended church gatherings on a regular basis.

Following my salvation, I continued to live life in somewhat of a normal fashion. I was in and out of college, served in the Marine Corps Active Reserve. I worked here and there, began a family with the girl who helped me understand the gospel and salvation. Needless to say, I heard many messages preached from the Bible and began to form some ideas about what it meant to be a “Christian”. After a few years I was able to get training as a commercial diver and began a career working as an underwater specialist in the offshore oil industry.

Life was pretty normal with one glitch. I seemed to be unsuccessful in discovering how to consistently live the way Christians were supposed to live. I seemed to do all the required stuff like listening to sermons, responding to alter calls, sharing my testimony. There was also a time I sought after a promise of power by getting some sort of special spiritual experience. But none of that carried power for the change I needed.

It was about five years after I placed my faith in Christ that I met a person willing to do what I needed. It wasn’t complicated or complex. He simply set aside time to come along side of me. For two years he met with me regularly, walked me through the Bible, and showed me how I could depend on the Spirit of God to incorporate the Word into my life.

Back then I wasn’t aware of the term “discipleship”, but that is exactly what was going on. I am so grateful that God provided a Christ-follower to come along side and pour his life-with-Christ into mine. There’s a reason why Christ’s parting words to His followers were to “make disciples”.