How to Have a Life Changing Quiet Time in Just 5 Minutes!


Do you have a regular time in the Word of God? Have you found it difficult to develop the discipline of reading the Bible in a way that actually changes your life? This could be for you. If you have a well disciplined practice of reading the Bible you still may want to read on. I have found that most who read the Bible often fail to apply it specifically in their lives.

Do you have five minutes to spare in the morning? These five minutes will change your life on a daily basis. Try the following steps. First, you will want a notebook to write in. It can be a cheap spiral or a nice journal. What is important is that you write a few things down. Next, pick a book from the New Testament. The shorter letters written by Paul, Peter, James or John work great with this method.

Obviously, in only five minutes you are not going to read very much. Work with two verses each morning. You may need to use a third verse at times in order to complete a sentence or thought. Start at the beginning of the book and work through it in order. Here we go:

1. Pray. Pray that God would bring to your mind what he would like you to do.

2. Read the verses. In your journal you will write the date and the reference for the verses you are reading that day.

3. Write the verses out in your own words. Creativity is not important here. What is important is getting the ideas if the verses written out. You don’t have time to struggle with this step. If you have a hard time writing them in your own words then simply write them out as they are.

4. Look for application. Some questions you will want to ask are:

· Is there a command to obey?

· Is there an exhortation? This is lighter than a command, a strong encouragement.

· Is there a prohibition?

· Is there a godly example to follow?

· Is there a promise to claim?

5. Make a personal application and write it down. Some guidelines to follow:

· It must be personal. Do not tell your wife what she needs to do now.

· It must be specific.

· It must be measurable. At the end of the day you should know whether or not you did what you said you would do.

· It must be reasonable.

· It must be immediate if possible. You are writing down something that you will do that day.

If you follow these steps and follow through on your point of applications then the time in the Word for that day will have been life changing for you. It may also change some else’s life.

Stay in the Word,

Pastor Drew