Drew Arliskas, Pastor

My Story

I grew up in a non-Christian home and began to follow my dad down the path of alcohol abuse by the time I was in the fourth grade and was doing drugs by eighth grade. By the grace of God, my parents accepted Christ as their Savior and began attending church regularly. During my junior year in high school I began to observe that while my life was a mess, my parents lives were steadily improving; this led me to begin attending the church youth group. Within six months I understood that God loved me and desired a personal relationship with me through Jesus. It was at that time that I believed in Jesus Christ for salvation.

As I began to walk with Christ, I developed a passion to serve and teach. Teaching fueled my fire to know the Word of God, so upon graduating from high school I entered Arizona College of the Bible (ACB). In the summer of 1984 I traveled to Germany where I served alongside missionaries; after that summer I knew I wanted to go into full time ministry. I returned to ACB and after my sophomore year I took a year off to intern in Germany, ministering to soldiers far from home.

In 1987, I married Shelly and after I graduated from ACB, we moved to Okinawa, Japan, to serve and minister to Marines and Airmen. We lived in Okinawa for thirteen years and returned as a family from Okinawa in 2004 to minister and serve at Bethany Bible Church as an associate pastor. From 2011 through January 2014, I served on staff at Desert Springs Bible Church as an associate pastor.

Shelly and I have eight children. Our four oldest are biological kids. Three are now married and have given us five grandchildren. We have fostered and adopted our youngest four kids. They are keeping us young....and tired.


My main hobby is motorcycles. This has aided me in my desire to know people far from God and share the gospel with them. Through my love for motorcycles and lost people, God has led me into the traditional Motorcycle Club world. I have gained a platform of trust and respect in this community and now have many opportunities to share God’s love.

I also have a passion to preach and teach the Word of God. I believe that Jesus and his truth will change our lives. I find great joy in leading Mountain Vista Bible Church into the world to be a light.

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