MV Riders


Here at Mountain Vista Riders, we welcome All Riders, All Bikes, and anyone who has a passion for two wheels. Mountain Vista Bible Church is a church you can ride to, park your bike on the sidewalk right next to the front door,  wear your leathers, and not be looked at like you’re from another planet.

We plan several rides a month. The longer rides we tend to save for a Saturday with varying meet up locations. Our Sunday lunch rides head out after the 9 am Service from Mountain Vista Bible Church. Attendance is not a requirement. However, showing up with an empty bladder and full tank is... KSU at 10:45am!!

Every year we host a Blessing of the Bikes in November and a Hog -N- Ham Run in December. Check out our Events page to find information on our Monthly Rides, keep updated on our Yearly Events, and see which other community events we plan to attend.

In support of those riders in recovery, all our rides and functions are “Dry”. Although, when we do ministry, we may run into situations that are not optimal, we do not want to be the catalyst that breaks someone’s sobriety. We want to mirror God’s Love.

You can email our team at with any questions, or to be added to our email list.

So whether you're a Christian, or still searching, whether you already belong to an MC, or are simply looking for a group to ride with, whether you ride a Harley or a Honda: We Welcome You!

Ride Safe and God Bless!!


Check out our Facebook page for details and upcoming rides.