Mountain Men


Guys need someone who will challenge them while fighting for them. They need a coach who will help them apply the truth of God’s Word to their daily lives.   We are a band of brothers who have set the same sites so we motivate one another as we set out to attain our goals. We are not just learning the Word of God, we are doing the Word of God and encouraging others to join us along the way.  


Mountain Vista Bible Church (MVBC) understands the critical role men play in the spiritual well-being of our church and their homes. We want men to assume the leadership position to which they have been called by strengthening their own walk with God, and humbly guiding their families into faith. No man can be expected to stand alone in this calling, so we invite men to come together for discipleship so they may be sharpened, strengthened and well equipped.

Connecting Men

One of the greatest needs of men today is the need for supportive friendship. That’s why periodically MVBC hosts group events to get guys together for the primary purpose of getting to know one another. This may be a camping trip, a ballgame or going out for breakfast but the important thing is we find a way to connect with other men who will encourage us to follow the examples of Christ.

Mobilizing Men

The men of MVBC (Mountain Men) are called to a mission by the authority of Jesus Christ. This mission is not defined by what we do but by the message we share and the God we serve. Together we train to go into battle; when the fighting subsides, we gather more resources with our brothers before we boldly push on to fight the good fight.

Men’s Bible Studies

God is calling for the men of the Church to step-up and fulfill His commands but most men don’t really know what they are commanded to do or how to fulfill those commands. Men’s Bible Studies will help you to know who God is and understand what He wants for you. For more information use the email button below or stop by the Connections Table in the MVBC lobby on Sunday mornings.