Children's Ministry

At Mountain Vista Bible Church, children are one of our highest priorities. We want our family members and guests to feel comfortable leaving their children in our care. To accomplish this, we make sure that every volunteer is the right fit through screening, and we've instituted a strict "Child-Check" registration system to ensure security for you and your children.

We believe that Children’s Ministry is more than just childcare for Sunday mornings - it’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce the truth about God 's love for us all at an early age. Since kids are the future of the church, we make sure that our programs are designed for your child's enjoyment, and to create a positive, lasting learning experience.

Your children will learn lessons that are hands-on and age-appropriate in both large groups and small groups within the classroom. This allows kids to ask questions and build relationships with teachers and other children within their own grade level. Within these groups, we also utilize a variety of teaching tools and activities to help your child develop a greater understanding about God.

To learn more about how and what we are teaching, please visit the links to review our current curriculum packages.

Preschool through 6th Grade

If you have additional quesitons about Children's Ministry, or to volunteer to be a part of our team, please E-mail Children's Ministry, or call our church offices.